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Au début

Things are coming together rather nicely lately so I thought it’s time for the first ever update. The randonnée will take place in the first two weeks of June so I will be spending my birthday in the saddle. How fitting. 

Other than that, my weapon of choice is nearing completion. The frame is a Nishiki Custom Sport and was built in Japan in the 70s. I converted it into a fixed gear bike but used as many of the original parts as possible for a number of reasons that can roughly be outlined as being broke. The wheelset I had to replace, of course, but I was lucky enough to get a nice one from German bike manufacturer Veloheld at a very modest price. It came with a 17t cog which resulted in an excruciating transmission of 3.1:1 in conjunction with the original 53t Sugino chainwheel. I absolutely wanted that chainwheel since it comes with a stylish bashguard so I replaced the cog with a 20t one from Surly, thus lowering the transimission to a much more knee-friendly 2.65:1. As a nice side effect, this allowed me to slide the wheel into a position where chain tension is perfect and the wheel does not rub on the fenders.

The next step in the Nishiki’s metamorphosis will be replacing the brakes with Shimano Tourney centerpull brakes (the front one sporting a stylish front rack, estimated maximum load about 2lb.). I’m not too sure whether I should get a rear rack like this one or use a large saddle bag. 

Meanwhile, I just enjoy the ride:



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