I have been silent for the last few weeks, but not without reason. After a splendid month of April, some higher power apparently decided my life was lacking in challenge. Due to a rather unfortunate chain of events I found myself with numerous injuries, most notably a royally fucked up foot, right at the beginning of May. Add to this an un unusual amount of petty, but annoying issues and stress from other sources and you will find yourself REALLY hating not to able to jump on a bike and go for a ride to ease the mind. 

Well, even though I had to learn the hard way that I am not entirely invulnerable, I can still rely on my body’s tremendous regenerative powers. Yesterday, I finally managed to slip my bloated left foot into my left cycling shoe and to hop onto the Nishiki to see if riding was at all possible. It was indeed, and the results were zero complications and instant pleasure. I suppose this picture says it way better than I ever could:

il a raison

It is not mine, so here’s where I found it. There’s some more neat stuff there from other artists as well. 

Yesterday’s test ride was especially exciting for two reasons; first, because for a minute there I had been worried about the randonnée as an endeavour. Secondly, because there was so much new stuff to try out. While I was immobilized, I managed to keep working on the Nishiki. The promised Tourney centerpull brakes are now in place and fully functional, and with Goodridge cables and salmon KoolStop pads their stopping power is quite awesome. I would take this sweet rig offroad anytime.

Other than that, I got myself a used Brooks Flyer which I had to tie because it was a little out of shape. It is noticeably harder on my butt than the B17 I have been using so far, but I have applied a generous amount of Proofide so I hope I will survive the traditional Whitsuntide ride from Berlin to Prerow next week without too many problems. Expect some photos when I have replaced the bar tape.